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Hermle Tall Case Moon Phase Arabic Dial 280mm x 395mm

280mm x 395mm (11” wide x 15-9/16” tall) overall. Raised brass & gold center & corners with mottled brass background. 9-5/16” time track. Raised gold numbers on brushed silver chapter ring. 9.50mm winding arbor holes on 5-11/16” centers. 1-7/8” diameter seconds bit with a 1-3/8” time track. Dark blue moon phase background with brass toned moon & stars. “Silent”, “Whitt, St. Mich.” & Westm” imprinted to the right of the #3. “Hermle” logo on a brass badge beneath 11.25mm center hole. “Made in Germany” at dial bottom. The reverse has four 1-5/8” mounting shafts and all gearing for the moon phase & calendar advancing wheels. Regularly $165.00. While supplies last.
Pricing: $55.00

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