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Welcome to Timesavers

TimeSavers is a worldwide distributor of clock parts and repair material. We have been in business since 1975.

We inventory 1000's of parts including adhesives, barometer parts, batteries, beat amplifiers, bells, Bergeon & KWM bushings, bezels, books, cable, chain, chime rods, cleaning solutions, clicks, click springs, clock hardware, convex glass, beveled glass, high domed glass, cable, cord, cuckoo clock parts, cuckoo movements, dials, dial pans, display items, electric movements, escapements, fasteners, finials, flat glass, gears, glass domes, gongs, gut, hands, keys, locks, loupes, lubricants, magnification products, mainsprings, mainspring winders, mechanical movements, novelty clocks, numerals, oils, pendulums, polishes, pulleys, quartz fit-ups, quartz movements, silent quartz movements, raw materials, Sherline lathes, shop supplies, soldering supplies, suspension springs, suspension units, tapered pins, taps and dies, test stands, tools, ultrasonic cleaning solutions, ultrasonic machines, verges, watch parts, weights, wheels, wire.

We have parts for Ansonia, Anniversary & 400-day clocks, Arrow, Atmos, Brillie, Bulle, Chelsea, Cuckoo Clocks, French, German, Gilbert, Golden Hour, Grivolas, Hansen, Hermle, Howard, Hubert Herr, Ingraham, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Junghans, Kieninger, Kit-Cat, Kundo, Lux & Keebler, Morbier, Movado, New Haven, Pam-Ad, Regula, Rolling Ball, Reutter, Sessions, Seth Thomas, Urgos, Vienna, Waterbury, Welch, Zaandam, and many others.

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