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TimeSavers is a worldwide distributor of clock parts and repair material. We have been in business since 1975.

We inventory 1000's of keys, pendulums, dials, hands, bezels & dial pans, clock weights, chime rods, bells & gongs, clock chain & cable, cuckoo parts, clock glass & glass domes, fasteners, clock hardware, clock bushings, verges & wheels, barometer parts, ultrasonic cleaners, mainsprings, quartz and mechanical movements, electric movements, tools, magnification products, watch & clock batteries, books, Sherline lathes, suspension springs, novelty clocks, cleaning solutions, oils & lubricants.

We have parts for Ansonia, Anniversary & 400-day clocks, Arrow, Atmos, Brillie, Bulle, Cuckoo Clocks, French, German, Gilbert, Golden Hour, Grivolas, Hermle, Howard, Hubert Herr, Ingraham, Junghans, Kieninger, Kit-Cat, Kundo, Lux & Keebler, Morbier, New Haven, Rolling Ball, Reutter, Sessions, Seth Thomas, Urgos, Vienna, Waterbury, Welch, Zaandam, and many others.

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