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Timesavers - Key Holder

Clock Keys, Winders, Cranks & Related - Key Holder
Novelty Clock Key, Hershede & Revere Electric Chime Setting Key, Universal Key, E-Z Winder, etc.

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Description: Opaque plastic. Clock key snaps in place. 9mm (.355”) wide x 15mm (.590”) tall with a 3.5mm (.138”) predrilled hole at the bottom to screw into your clock case. Regularly $1.50/pack. While supplies last.
Item #: 90035
Condition: New
Price: $0.50

Description: Place your key on the end or side to provide leverage to wind a clock. 1" diameter x 4" long black poly. Key not included.
Item #: 34157
Condition: New
Price: $6.50

Description: 12 pcs. in a package. Attaches to back, side or inside of case. Flexible to hold different sizes of keys.
Item #: 15492
Condition: New
Price: $3.50

Items 1-3 of 3


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