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Ansonia Clock Case Parts
Urns, side arms & clappers, cast components, angle bars, etc.
Bezels & Retainers
A complete size range of bezels with mounting hardware
Bezels, Bezels with Glass, Dial Pans, Hardware & Hinges, Bezel Tabs, Bezel Latches, Mounting Straps, Retainer Clips, Etc.
Case Parts
Huge selection of wood, steel and brass components for clock cases
Clock Repair & Replacement Parts
A huge selection of keys, pendulums, dials, hands, chain & cable, cuckoo parts, weights, verges, suspension springs, bells, gongs, movements, escapements, glass, transfers, wheels, balances,...More Details »
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Description: Brass trim ring is 2-9/16" outside diameter x 13/32" deep. Used on outside escapement Ansonia China clocks to separate the outer porcelain dial ring from the inner porcelain ring. It has the slot cut out for the verge arbor. Made in China.
Item #: 19993
Condition: New
Price: $10.00

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