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CAMBR-80 Categories

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General Purpose Tools, Equipment & Related Supplies
Every kind of tool & accessory for your shop
Parts Holders
Handy tools for holding and handling small parts
Parts Holders, Vises, Clamps & Pin Vises
Tools for holding small parts and other tools
Tools, Equipment & Related Supplies
General purpose tools & equipment such as broaches, brushes, buffing wheels, burnishers, chucks, drills, files, gravers, hammers, lathes, measuring devices, vises, pliers, punches, reamers, saws, scribers, screw-drivers,
Tweezers & sets for all applications
All varieties of tweezers
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CAMBR-80 Products

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Description: 5" long 3-prong holder for handling small parts. The plunger opens the jaws. Made in India.
Item #: 13604
Condition: New
Price: $3.00

Description: 5" long plastic tweezer won't rust. Non-magnetic, light weight and strong. Resists alcohol, acetone and solutions containing nitric acid. Perfect for handling watch batteries. Made in India.
Item #: 14397
Condition: New
Price: $1.00

Description: 4-3/4" long steel screw holding tweezer for holding and starting screws. Made in India.
Item #: 20486
Condition: New
Price: $4.00

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