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Model 185 Clock Timer

Time Trax Model 185 Electronic Clock Timer & Amplifier measures the rate of mechanical clocks by sensing escapement action and mechanical sounds of the escapement. Use on carriage clocks to 400-day and Atmos clocks. Reads vibrations per hour. Also has a digital balance mode which helps place a clock in beat. This unit has a built-in audio beat amplifier. Complete with a new up-to-date handbook of train tables and a Model #20 clip-on sensor. This portable unit uses 4 "AA" batteries which is not included. -1 year warranty for parts and labor. -2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


-4" wide x 7" high x 1.75" deep.
-11 ounces in weight.
-4-1/2 digit high contrast display.
-LCD train range is 100 to 19,999 BPH.
-Preset average is 2 to 130 in steps of 2.
-Monitor (visual) has a flashing LED with each tick.
-Built in beat amplifier with a dynamic speaker.
-50 ppm quartz crystal timebase.
-8 bit CMOS processor.
Pricing: $175.00

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