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Micro Set 2 Precision Clock Timer

Micro Set is a new diagnostic tool for the clock repair shop and horological experimenter. This electronic timing device measures beat times of mechanical clocks with unprecedented precision. Supports serial communications with personal computers. Includes the timer, a 9-volt battery, an acoustic sensor, an optical sensor, instructions and an AC adapter.
-Time mode measures from 1 to 254 beats.
-Balance mode to put clocks in beat.
-Count mode for finding the correct rate of any clock.
-Strike mode for diagnosing errors in trike.
-16 character LCD screen.
-Accuracy to 1 or 2 parts per million.
-Maximum beat time is 100 second.
-Maximum rate for watches is 36,ooo BPH.
-Displays results as Seconds Per Beat to 6 decimal places or Beats Per Hour to 2 decimal places.
-Special mode to measure the minute hand (1 hour period).
-Blanking window to reduce false trigger from noise.
-Produces an audible beep when each new reading is complete.
-Includes a booklet of train times.
-1 year warranty for parts and labor.
-2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
-Other accessories are available.
-Made in the USA.
Pricing: $305.00

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