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Timetrax Model #60 Beat Amplifier With PC/Smartphone Interface & Clip-on Sensor

New, upgraded & improved version includes a redesigned Model 20 clip-on sensor, 2 interface cables for PC/Smartphones, instrument recorder, and oscilloscope. With a sensitive high gain speaker. Accommodates headphones. Capable of detecting ticking sounds from a mechanical escapement. Compatible with the Timetrax Model 100. Injection molded ABS case with extruded anodized aluminum outer shell. Electronic digitally controlled gain control allows adjustment of the sound level. Runs on 3 “AA” batteries, not included.**
**PLEASE NOTE ** Beat Amp is a very high input impedance, high gain device. The sensor is a high impedance piezoceramic device. This may cause amplifier to pick up radio signals.
Pricing: $64.50

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